Species list and distribution maps 🌍

βœ… The list of species that will be assessed and planted is now defined, in coordination with all partners.

The ten selected species belong to four genera:

🌲 Abies (firs) : ​silver fir (A. alba), Greek fir (A. cephalonica), Spanish fir (A. pinsapo);​

🌳 Quercus (white oaks) : sessile oak (Q. petraea), pedunculate oak (Q. robur), pubescent oak (Q. pubescens);

🌳 Tilia​ (lime trees) : small-leaved lime (T. cordata), large-leaved lime (T. platyphyllos);

🌳 Sorbus (rowans) : wild service tree (S. torminalis), ​service tree (S. domestica).

These are the species from which genetic diversity will be studied and seedlings will be produced by the project partners.Β 

In addition to these, other species could be planted, depending on their availability in the nurseries: Hungarian oak (Quercus frainetto), Pyrenean oak (Quercus pyrenaica), zean oak (Quercus canariensis), silver lime (Tilia tomentosa), whitebeam (Sorbus aria), Oriental beech (Fagus orientalis), etc.

🌍 All of these species originate from Europe. Distribution maps for MigFoRest species can be found here : https://inbobram.shinyapps.io/MigForest/

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